Thank you for your understanding and assistance in keeping us all safe 



We have made the promise for your safety and ours

Kattuk Expeditions has made the promise to follow all COVID19 health guidelines as laid out by the Nova Scotia Health Protections Act Order.

All guests must agree to the following requirements:

  • Complete a questionnaire that asks whether you have any COVID-19 symptoms; have been outside of the Atlantic Provinces; or to any known exposure sites; been refused boarding an aircraft due to a medical reason relating to COVID-19, have not been mandated to quarantine order.

  • Must wear clean, properly fitting 2-layer masks that cover the mouth and nose at all times, both indoors and during flights.

  • Walk at a distance of 2 meters from one another when outdoors.

Passengers will be denied boarding the plane / helicopter / ship if they

  • Exhibit any related COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Answer the questionnaire in the negative.

  • Refuse to wear a mask.

  • Falsify any information relating to the COVID-19 questionnaire.

When deciding to book a trip to Sable Island this year:

Travelers from outside of Atlantic Canada


Parks Canada's Covid-19 visitor information


If you contract Covid-19 immediately before your departure date

If you contract Covid-19 and are testing positive on the day of your departure, you will not be able to visit Sable Island NPR. It is strongly advisable to consult your travel insurance provider as refunds can not be given for this reason.  If you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, you may be asked to take a rapid test before boarding the aircraft.


Social distancing opportunities abound

on Sable Island.