Our guides, our community, and what's happening 


What's happening.

A shift of focus: Lately we have been focusing our efforts on leading guided hiking and photography expeditions to Sable Island National Park Reserve by helicopter, plane and ship. We are a licensed Parks Canada tour company and our passion for the island grows stronger with each visit. 

Sable Island: Since 2017 we have been operating guided expeditions to Sable Island National Park Reserve. In order to develop tour offerings that are safe and responsible, we have been working with Parks Canada and the Sable Island Institute.  The Institute is the science organisation based on the island and is headed up by 40+ year researcher Zoe Lucas.  By working closely with Parks Canada and the Institute, we are able to offer tours that are both educational and exciting, but also respectful of the wildlife and ecosystems that are unique and sensitive.  

Sustainability: Our trips to Sable are low-impact and our group sizes are small, but in our opinion that's really not enough.  To operate guided adventures in such a unique and sensitive place, great care is taken and an active role is in place to support the science projects that take place on the island.  This ensures our impact is a positive one.  For more information on the Sable Island Institute please visit: Sableislandinstitute.org 


Our team

We often brag and say "we have the best guides in the business". Well, as it turns out, it's true.  Our team of guides and instructors are some of the most experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable in the business.  They are local and fun-loving, caring and adventurous.  They're always on time, well prepared and give 100% - 100% of the time. 

Safety is always #1. With Kattuk guides, you know you're in good hands.  All of our guides have a minimum of WRFA (Wilderness and Remote First Aid) and three years of experience leading trips.  

Here are some of our team :)


Company owner, hiking & sea kayaking guide, survival instructor and team building facilitator is Fred Stillman who has been leading eco/adventure tours throughout Atlantic Canada since 1999.  Fred has taught the Outdoor Guiding program and Outdoor Food Preparation courses at the Nova Scotia Community College.  Other experience has been leading bicycle trips in NS, PEI, NFLD and Croatia. He also fixes bikes for children in need, and acts as a volunteer trail warden with the Nova Scotia Trails Federation.  

Devon has a tremendous passion for people, the environment and culture. He has a strong and varied skill set and brings a wide range of knowledge and leadership to the team. Devon holds a BES degree from Saint Mary’s University. He is certified in Advanced WRFA (40hrs) and is Paddle Canada Level 2 certified. You'll find him in our shop at Fisherman’s Cove, working Sea Kayak tours, youth programs, hiking tours, corporate events and occasionally on Sable Island.

Adam brings a wealth of outdoor leadership and team building knowledge and experience to the team.  He loves what he does and it shows.  Adam has a solid understanding of group dynamics from children's groups to corporate adults.  Adam has a wonderful personality and is happiest outdoors with people.  He is also an active hiking and sea kayaking tour guide and a Paddle Canada Level 1 Instructor.


Belinda is keen and enthusiastic, her energy is contagious and she brings life to any event or tour. She possesses a host of outdoor skills and knowledge and handles groups with ease. Her certifications include a Paddle Canada sea kayaking level 2 certificate.

Bryce is a kindhearted, with lots of local knowledge and a great outdoor skill set. He's a Paddle Canada certified guide and you'll find him on our sea kayak tours of McNab's Island and local hiking tours. 

Joey has an incredible amount of knowledge and skill.  He's great at teaching survival, leading hiking and sea kayaking tours. He's also a fantastic photographer and many of his photos are featured on this website. Joey is also a paramedic, a paramedic instructor and a Dr. of Veterinarian medicine. 


Our Community.

We're very connected to our local community. We make a continued effort to develop awesome, affordable school programming, and work closely with assistance granting organizations for disadvantaged youth and young adults suffering from anxiety and depression.  We also take part in fundraising efforts to help people who might not have the opportunity to get outdoors and be active whenever we can.  Two on-going Kattuk projects are Bikes For the Bay and assisting with equipment drives for the outdoor program at Laing House.


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Working with us.

Thank you for taking an interest in working with us. It's no surprise that we receive a number of emails each year from great folks who want to work outdoors.  As we grow and expand our offerings, we continue to look for additional guides. 

So, what are we looking for? You should be skilled and experienced, have a minimum of WRFA first aid, own your own guiding equipment, be physically fit and have a pleasant, positive attitude. You MUST view safety as the most important aspect of adventuring. We have not had a single major injury of any kind since opening 15 years ago and we intend to keep it that way. You also must be willing to pass an RCMP security check to work with children.  

If hired, you'll be expected to be reliable, on time, well-rested, properly prepared and to leave any negativity at home.  It should be noted that we are an inclusive organization that welcomes anyone (guides and customers) regardless of their cultural background, religion, gender or lifestyle.

To apply: Please send a resume and cover letter/email to info@kattukexpeditions.com