2022 / 2023 Sable Island tours waitlist

Our 2022 tours to Sable Island NPR are almost full and additional dates are not available at this time. We are however keeping a waitlist for those who are interested in visiting in 2023 or want to be placed on a list for any spots that may open up in 2022, those on the list will have an opportunity to book before the dates go public.

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Travel dates are now available for those on this year's waitlist. If you have joined you have received a password to access the booking forms. Choose this selection in the form if you'd like to notified of spots opening up this in 2022.


If you plan on visiting Sable Island in 2023, let us know by selecting 2023 on the form below. Since we receive our dates each January, you'll be notified in January of 2023.

There is no obligation to travel by filing out the form.

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Sable Island Waitlist
2022 & 2023

Dates will be available to waitilist members Monday January 10th Password will be Sable2022